Think Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing SuppliesThink Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing Supplies

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Think Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing Supplies

When my custom-made t-shirt business began to suffer financially, I wanted to begin handing out printed advertisements and having take-home t-shirt pricing materials printed to advertise my low prices that many people didn't know about. Although I had great supplies to print on t-shirts, they differ greatly from traditional printers. I was looking to invest in a good laser printer, but I came across an online advertisement for a printing service while I was browsing. I did some quick calculations, and I figured out that I could have a huge number of professional printed materials made several times each year for just a fraction of the investment price of that new printer I was looking into. I created this blog to share my experience with other business owners looking to save cash wherever they can. For me, I saved greatly by outsourcing printing of my promotional items.

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How To Prepare For Automating Your Business Mailing Needs

Automated mailing services can help any organization connect with customers and other target audiences. Regardless of a company's needs, it should use the simplest and most cost-effective way to contact customers. To make the most of the process, however, you'll need to be prepared. Doing these 5 tasks will improve your odds of success.

Ready a Mailing List

The principal value of automated business mailing services comes from mailing lists. Ideally, you'll have an established mailing list from your current business operations. Customer orders, for example, should have provided mail information.

If you don't have a mailing list, be creative about developing one. The fastest solution is to buy one, although accuracy can be an issue. You also can survey customers and ask them to opt into your mailing list with their information.

Duplicate and Spelling Checks

Even with the added cost-effectiveness of automated mailing services, reducing losses will always be a win. Scan your mailing lists for duplicates so you can eliminate them. Also, verify the spelling of names and addresses to ensure the mail will get where it's going. While the postal service will return such items, it's not going to refund your costs. Avoiding spending money on mail items that will return whenever possible.

Identify Target Geographic Areas

Typically, a business will want to limit the geographic span of its mailed items. Depending on the nature of your business and the surrounding, this could be quite tight, only covering a few ZIP codes. Other companies may need to cover several counties or even states.

Fortunately, modern automated mailing service tools allow you to strictly define target areas strictly. Especially if you're starting with a third-party mailing list, geotargeting can reduce costs by not unnecessarily sending items to people who can't respond to your advertisements or other messages.

Employ Analytics

You will want to measure the performance of your campaigns. In addition to automating labeling, you can also automate your appeals. For example, you may want to include a coupon code specific to each geographic area. When you see people enter the code or provide a coupon with it, that will allow you to analyze the performance of that particular campaign. Use scanning software so you can feed the redemptions into your system as rapidly as possible.

Leverage Bulk Mailing Tools

Some forms of mail are just significantly cheaper than others. For example, the postal service discourages the use of weirdly-shaped envelopes by charging more for non-standard items. Have your automated mailing services provider only use these sizes to keep your costs under control.

For more information on automated mailing services, contact a professional near you.