Think Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing SuppliesThink Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing Supplies

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Think Twice Before Investing in Expensive Printing Supplies

When my custom-made t-shirt business began to suffer financially, I wanted to begin handing out printed advertisements and having take-home t-shirt pricing materials printed to advertise my low prices that many people didn't know about. Although I had great supplies to print on t-shirts, they differ greatly from traditional printers. I was looking to invest in a good laser printer, but I came across an online advertisement for a printing service while I was browsing. I did some quick calculations, and I figured out that I could have a huge number of professional printed materials made several times each year for just a fraction of the investment price of that new printer I was looking into. I created this blog to share my experience with other business owners looking to save cash wherever they can. For me, I saved greatly by outsourcing printing of my promotional items.

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Time To Eat? Seven Tips For Creating A Menu For Your Establishment

Think of your menu as the first impression that diners will have when visiting your restaurant. Sure, the curb appeal, seating, and staff matter in your guests' experience, but the menu sums-up what you do, how you do it, and what to order. Make sure that your menu is tasteful, succinct, and user-friendly, and keep it updated regularly.

Seven tips for creating a winning menu for your eatery, regardless of what you serve, are:

1.Make menus double-folded. A double folded menu printed from a place like the Flottman Company is easy for guests to handle, while also providing enough space for you to cover all that you offer. These also open-up the opportunity of using binders or books to contain your menus.

2.Choose the right font. Don't get wooed into using a frilly or fancy font for your menu; go with large, clear fonts that can easily be read and understood by all of your patrons.

3.Skip the pics. Rarely do pictures of food live up to the quality of the food being photographed, unless you hire a professional food stylist. Skip the pics and use visuals or clip-art from the printer that reproduce well and that best represent your food

4.Don't skimp on info. Make sure to add helpful information for patrons related to your food, ingredients, and any restaurant policies that you want to convey to your diners. This is the perfect platform to share information with those visiting your venue.

5.No need to laminate. While laminated menus will preserve longer, changing your menu frequently will also ensure your menus don't become shoddy or stale. Instead of laminating, use menus as inserts inside heavy, bound folders, which your printer may be able to order or provide.

6.Provide incentive when possible. When designing your takeaway menus, include some sort of incentive, such as a coupon to your brick-and-mortar establishment. This will keep your menu in the hands of potential patrons a little longer.

7.Point patrons in the right direction. In your menu text, make suggestions for your patrons, particularly if you offer cuisine or drinks that the customer may not be familiar with. Provide a recommendation that will draw attention when customers are looking at their menus, deciding what to order.

Use these seven tips to create and develop menus that highlight the food and that make it easy for diners to find what they would like to order.

Is it time to update your menu? Make sure that you provide patrons, diners, and guests with a menu that will put your best food forward and entice them to order your house specialties. Work with a reputable printing company to craft and create a menu that is perfect for your distinct establishment.